Fighting Love; a good holiday read

The other day my friend text me asking if I could recommend a great chick lit book as she was off on holiday and she wanted something to read on the beach.

Her text reminded me that a few months back when I was looking for a holiday read, I commented on author Nina Whyle’s Instagram post of Fighting Love saying I’d love to review it. Wey hey – a copy of it soon arrived in the post for me and into my suitcase it went. But until now I had still not reviewed the book!

Fighting Love was the second book I read on my holiday. I had just finished something that I found a tad heavy and serious, so this book was a refreshing contrast and just what I needed.


It tells the story of Harry, a 30-year-old professional stunt woman who is fearless; except when it comes to love. If I’m honest when I was initially introduced to Harry I thought she was immature and would get on my nerves, but I soon got past that and just immersed myself in the story.

Harry’s love interest is Alex, a big movie star who is the lead actor in the film she is working on. Yes, it is a fairly predictable story; a ‘will they, won’t they’ plot – but hey, sometimes as a reader that is just what I need.

I am no prude but I have to say I found myself cringing at some of the love scenes; they were just too corny for me. But apart from that I did enjoy Fighting Love – it was simple escapism which is just what I wanted on my holiday.

Fighting Love is the second Nina Whyle book I read as about a year ago I reviewed My Disorganised Life; and one thing I find so remarkable about these novels is that Nina Whyle is not one author but two. They are best friends Nina Bowden and Clare Whyle, yet in the two books I have read I can only hear one author’s voice. This is a real talent and one that intrigues me.

Thank you once again Nina Whyle for sending me a copy of your work to read and review. I enjoyed Fighting Love, it was a good chilled read that matched my holiday.

Fighting Love is available from Amazon now, so if you are like my friend and are looking for a ‘great chick lit’ book, then go and buy a copy. Remember to let me know what you think.

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