In the Heat of the Moment: my review

As I love Nordic noir, when I got the opportunity to read In the Heat of the Moment, a crime thriller set in Sweden I grabbed it. This book is the fifth in the Sandhamn Murder series, and yes, the first I have read. But even if I had read the other books, if I’m honest I don’t think it would have changed my view – generally I found the whole thing underwhelming.

For me the plot was messy and weak. The crux of the story seemed to take ages to start, and yes I suppose the author Viveca Sten was setting the scene, but I felt there was a lot of irrelevant detail. There were far too many characters which made it confusing, and then the murderer just popped out of nowhere near the end of the novel.


So yes as I’m sure you can guess, I don’t really rate this book. Sorry!

However if you do like Nordic noir and fancy trying a new author in this genre, you may wish to try out the Sandhamn Murder series.

In the Heat of the Moment is set during the weekend of Midsummer, when loads of teenagers flock to the island of Sandhamn to party and celebrate the longest day of the year. But then a 14 year-old girl goes missing, two girls turn up after loosing their friends and then a dead body is found hidden in the undergrowth.

For me, this book wasn’t a page turner, but you may think differently.

Thank you to NetGalley and Amazon Crossing for sending me an advanced proof copy of In the Heat of the Moment to read in return for my honest review. Thank you also for introducing me to a new author in the Nordic noir genre.

Publication date of In the Heat of the Moment: 4 September 2018

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