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All That Was Lost is such an original and emotionally intelligent read; it is a must read. Yes, this book focuses on death and grief, but don’t let that mislead you; it is not depressing. Essentially this is a book about survival and the lies that we tell ourselves or choose to believe to just keep going.

All That Was Lost is a very intimate and raw read that exposes what we do to survive when all really is lost.

I loved it for that; finding the story powerful, emotionally charged and compelling. I also found the three central characters very human.


All That Was Lost focuses on Patrice Leigh, a nationally celebrated medium. With countless people believing Patrice can communicate with their dead loved ones, she has made her life and fortune based on this lie. Yet I had real empathy for Patrice as we the readers are given access to her life as a lonely teenager trying to make sense of the cold world around her.

Patrice chooses to write her autobiography and hires ghost writer Leo to write her story. Yet it is not the real story that Patrice wants to share with the world. Frustrated by Patrice’s reluctance to open up, Leo has his own reasons why he wants to write her story.

Aside from this, Leo is also trying to come to terms with his own grief as he finally accepts that his missing son is now dead.

Then there is Louise, a mother who cannot accept that her murdered son is dead. I found Louise’s story the most painful as her grief is raw and tangible.

Alison May interweaves the stories of Patrice, Leo and Louise brilliantly, exposing how they use each other to just survive. Yet I couldn’t judge them for this; they are flawed, human and real.

I found All That Was Lost a tender, heartbreaking novel that shows a truth about human nature. Yet it also hopeful.

Thank you Legend Press for sending me an advance copy of All That Was Lost in return for an honest review. Thank you also for inviting Novel Delights to take part in the blog tour; it has been a real privilege. Most importantly, thank you to Alison May for such a resonant read.

You may also wish to read the reviews of my fellow book bloggers also taking part in the blog tour of All That Was Lost. But more than anything, please go and buy the book as it gives you a real understanding of emotional survival when faced with our worst nightmares. It is available from Amazon and other good book stores now, so go and buy a copy and let me know what you think.


Publication date of All That Was Lost: 6 September 2018.

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