Blood Orange; addictive brilliance

If you only read one book this year, read Blood Orange by Harriet Tyce. It is a brilliant, simmering psychological thriller with an explosive ending. It is also a powerful landmark novel as it graphically portrays sexual politics in today’s modern world.

Blood Orange is by far one of the best books I have ever read – and believe me, I have read a lot of books in my time. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter or know me personally, you’ll know I’ve been raving and raving about Blood Orange for months. I think my family and friends are bored of me now. 😉 But hey, my Mum’s also read it and she too thinks it brilliant!

When I first read Blood Orange back in September of last year, it totally consumed me. It also stayed with me for a long time afterwards. I’ve recently re-read it to help me write this blog post, and it was just as brilliant second time around, if not better.

Addictive, compelling and insidious Blood Orange is a book you can’t afford to miss.


Married with a young daughter and a career as a highly respected barrister, Alison is given her first murder case to defend. She appears to have it all, but ‘all’ is not what it seems…

Alison drinks far too much and is having a sleazy affair with her colleague that likes to play dangerously – and always on his terms. She knows she should give him up, but she just can’t seem to stop.

As Alison gets more involved in the murder case she’s defending, her own feelings of guilt grow. Guilt from her affair; guilt from her drinking; and most of all, guilt for being a ‘bad mother’. Her life is increasingly spiraling out of control, especially when she realises that she’s being watched and that her dark, sleazy secrets are at risk of being unearthed.

Harriet Tyce

I’m not going to lie, Blood Orange is an unsettling read. Especially as it feels so real. For me, that is why it was so unsettling, but also so compelling.

A criminal barrister for almost a decade, Harriet Tyce skillfully draws on her legal experience to develop a sub-plot which beautifully enhances the main crux of the story, dramatically moving it along. There is no doubt about it, Harriet Tyce is a stunning writer with Blood Orange being one of the best debut novels ever written.

I had the pleasure of meeting Harriet a few weeks ago at the New Voices 2019 book tour – she’s absolutely lovely! I had to ask her if there were any plans to develop Blood Orange for the screen, as I’ve being harping on for months that this is the ideal screen drama. She did hint that something may happen, and just a few days ago it was announced that Blood Orange will be made into a TV drama. However it’s important to remember the old and very truthful adage that the ‘book is always better.’

So go and buy your copy of Blood Orange now. Yes, it will disturb you, chill you to the bone and mess with your mind. But believe me, you’ll love it.

A massive thank you to Harriet Tyce – I am so excited to read more from you. Thank you also to all the team at Headline Publicity for sending me an advance copy of Blood Orange all these months ago, and also for inviting me to the New Voices book tour. Lastly, thank you too to Anne Cater from Random Things Tours for arranging for me to be part of the blog tour to help publicise this addictive and very brilliant read.

Take a look below if you’re interested in reading more reviews of Blood Orange from my fellow book bloggers.


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