Stone Cold Heart; gripping, tense and full of heart

Crikey, why have I only just discovered the Cat Kinsella crime thriller series now? Stone Cold Heart is the second book in the series and its a cracker – full of depth, intrigue and twists. As a lover of crime fiction, I really loved this – so much so I’ve lined up the first book in the series Sweet Little Lies to devour on holiday cause I want more of Cat Kinsella. I can’t wait!

I know loads of you love a good crime thriller and if you’ve not already discovered the Cat Kinsella books by Caz Frear, you need to read them. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

Stone Cold Heart begins with DC Cat Kinsella feeling uncomfortable when the flirty guy in her local coffee shop claims that his wife is threatening him, yet is vague with the details. As there’s nothing she can do, Cat tells him to report it at his local police station.

Dismissing it as marriage trouble, Cat forgets all about it until Naomi Lockheart, a 22 year-old Australian girl is found murdered with all evidence leading to Joseph, the flirty coffee guy. Joseph claims his wife is setting him up yet his wife is adamant he didn’t do it. This leads to even more intrigue…


This is a fast paced page turner, so it’s a brilliant read to really immerse yourself in. It’s also very character driven, which as you know is a real winner for me. In Cat Kinsella Caz Frear has created a fantastic lead character – extremely likeable, vulnerable, committed to her job yet massively conflicted by her loyalties to her family which live on the fringes of the crime world.

Caz Frear, author of Sweet Little Lies and Stone Cold Heart

Full of intrigue and twists, this is a novel that totally gripped me; but it also made me laugh, which I found so refreshing in a crime novel. I absolutely loved the banter in Kinsella’s police team as it was dry, funny and so real. I also loved the skilful use humour brilliantly juxtaposed with the dramatic tension of the story;

‘Woke up to find the new puppy’s chewed nearly every shoe I own, and then to cap that off, some idiot parked his Beamer in front of my drive so I couldn’t get the car out. Which meant I had to walk to the station, and then there was a signal failure on the Victoria line.’ He wrestles with his top button, loosens his tie. ‘Christ, this never happened to Starsky & Hutch. You never saw them getting in a flap topping up their Oyster card. They just jumped in the Gran Torino and off they went.’

So if you’re like me and you love being gripped by a damn good story, go and grab your copy of Stone Cold Heart now as it was only published a few days ago.

Thank you to Tracy Fenton from Compulsive Readers for inviting me to be part of the Stone Cold Heart blog tour – I loved it and am going to be reading Sweet Little Lies very, very soon. A massive thank you to Caz Frear for giving us a truly great read with brilliant characters full of life, warmth and humanity.

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Happy reading everyone! 🙂

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