The Reunion; deadly secrets unearthed

Written by French bestselling author Guillaume Musso, The Reunion intrigued me. This is a dark, twisted thriller that unsettled me once I finished reading it.

Set on the French Riviera, Thomas Degalais returns to his hometown to attend his school reunion. Although dreading it, he knows he must return because there is a body buried in the school gym. He knows this because it is the body of the man her murdered 25 years ago.

Don’t worry that is not a spoiler!


Haunted by what he did and still infatuated with the beautiful enigmatic Vinca Rothwell who also mysteriously disappeared the same night of the murder, Thomas cannot move on with his life.

With only him and his friends Maxime and Fanny aware of the tragic secret, Thomas is fearful when he is strategically left a note with a ‘single word in cursive, meticulous handwriting: Revenge. His fear intensifies when he discovers Maxime and Fanny have also strategically been left revenge notes.

I’ve got to be honest with you, I did struggle initially with The Reunion – I just found the start of it a bit disjointed. I’m not sure, maybe some of the narrative got a lost in the English translation?

But once I found the narrative voice, I did enjoy The Reunion – especially as this is not a classic who dunnit.

Confronting his fears, Thomas realises that he is not the only one in possession of tragic secrets. Full of dramatic twists, Thomas finds and looses more than he could ever imagine.

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Happy reading everyone! 🙂

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