The July Girls; a simmering summer read

Published tomorrow (25th July 2919) The July Girls by Phoebe Locke is definitely a book you need to read. In my view it is by far one of my top reads of 2019. With such an original and haunting story line, this is a book that had me gripped all the way through.

I read it over a bank holiday weekend when I was busy doing fun stuff. I know this is so awful to say but in a way I resented all the fun stuff as all I really wanted to do was read The July Girls. I couldn’t put it down!


The July Girls is a unique psychological thriller.

On the 7th July every year, a woman is snatched from the streets of London and murdered. The 7th July is also Addie’s birthday. Her 10th birthday is a day that we will never forget – it is the day of the 7/7 bombings in London.

Addie will never forget her 10th birthday for another reason. That is the night her Dad sneaked home covered in blood. She initially thought her Dad was injured in the attacks, but then Addie’s sister finds the purse of a missing woman hidden in his room.

This is Addie’s coming of age story, but it is an unsettling coming of age story as we the readers are privy to Addie’s toxic family dynamics and her need to protect those she loves. Addie is young, vulnerable and conflicted. Her vulnerability is so raw and poignant.

For those of you that are regular followers of Novel Delights, you’ll have seen that I included The July Girls in my recent Top Summer Reads You Shouldn’t Miss post. I also reviewed Phoebe Locke’s debut novel The Tall Man when it was published in 2018.

In my view, Phoebe Locke is by far one of the best ever psychological thriller authors. Both her novels are sinister, unique and unbelievably gripping.

So go and grab your copy of The July Girls when it’s published tomorrow (25th July 2019) and while you’re at it, grab a copy of The Tall Man too. You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you to Jenni Leech from Headline for sending me a surprise advance copy of The July Girls and giving me one of my top reading experiences of the year. And a massive thank you to Phoebe Locke – please keep surprising and unsettling us with your unique and haunting writing – it is truly brilliant.

Happy reading everyone! 😊

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