Found; a stunning must read!

Warning! Found is raw, gut wrenching and sheer brilliance. The new novel from Erin Kinsley, this book definitely deserves my top rating of five stars.

In the press release that accompanied my copy of the book, it compares Found to the ‘searing emotion of TV dramas such as Broadchurch.’ This is a comparison that I definitely agree with. Straight away I was gripped. Only a few pages in I had tears streaming down my face. Then I struggled reading the end as I couldn’t see the words on the page due to my eyes being full of tears.

Straight away Found confronts many people’s worst nightmare – in fact part one of the novel is titled Your Worst Nightmare; that being when your child vanishes without trace.


Eleven year-old Evan mysteriously disappears one day after school. Straight away his parents report him missing, but with all potential leads coming to dead ends, Evan remains missing presumed dead. As the investigation grows cold, the police increasingly allocate their resources to other investigations.

Suddenly months later Evan is unexpectedly discovered. Only he has the answers to what really happened. Yet severely traumatised, Evan is refusing to speak – even to his loving parents. All the while the police know that other children are in danger until they catch whoever took Evan.

Found portrays police procedures and exposes the limited resources police forces currently face. This fundamentally adds to the tension of the novel.

It also depicts the devastating impact something like this has on a family. Yet it is powerfully touching as the story is also about the healing power of love and family. Evan’s relationship with Jack, his Grandpa is particularly beautiful and in some ways the heart of the story.

The narrative is written in a simple, stark style. It skilfully enhances the visceral emotion, completely gripping you throughout the story. For me, this is one of the most emotionally powerful books I have ever read.

Found has only recently been published (25th July 2019), so I urge you to grab a copy and read it. However I want to give you another warning – you won’t be able to put it down! As I said right at the beginning of this blog post, Found is raw, gut wrenching and sheer brilliance. I can’t emphasise that enough!

Thank you to Anne Cater from Random Things Tours for inviting me to take part in the blog tour of Found to help publicise it. Thank you also Anne as well as Jen Harlow from Headline for arranging my advance copy. Thank you especially to Erin Kinsley for writing Found – it is a stunning novel and it has been my absolute privilege to read and review.

To read more about Found, take a look at the reviews from my fellow book bloggers also on the blog tour (please see below).

Happy reading everyone! 🙂


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    Huge thanks for this amazing blog tour support Kirsty x

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