Live a Little; full of laughter, life and love

I warn you all – I suffered a serious book hangover after reading Live a Little. Actually it’s a week since I’ve finished this fab book and I think I’m still suffering the remnants of my hangover. I mean I’ve thought about this book A LOT since reading it. Maybe its because its a book about sisters and having a sister myself, I found it a very true portrayal of sisters – warts and all – but related in such a brilliant, humorous manner.

With only a few weeks away till Lottie’s wedding, her sister Tina is not convinced by her soon-to-be brother-in-law ‘drippy Dean.’ Hence Tina persuades Lottie to go with her on a ‘once in a lifetime’ road trip across America. She wants her and Lottie to re-connect whilst having fun and adventures. Tina also wants Lottie to use the holiday as an opportunity to work out if marriage to Dean is what she really wants.

As well as leading very different lives, Lottie and Tina have contrasting natures; Lottie follows rules and her life with Dean is ordered and sensible. Whereas Tina lives for the moment, is wild and can’t imagine ever committing herself to anyone.

With very different personalities, the two sisters have a tendency to disagree, even clash at times. Yet ever since they were young it was their older sister Mia that held them together. But Mia has gone. Although neither of them talk about it, Mia is the real reason why Lottie and Tina have chosen to go on the road trip.

This is a compelling story that moves along brilliantly, full of emotional depth and humour. I read it quickly as I struggled to tear myself away from it. Especially when the character of Spike (who I quite fancied) becomes more involved in the plot. And then there is the ‘challenges’…

I loved Live a Little for so many reasons; but I think what I especially loved is the authentic portrayal of sisters. When reading it, I frequently smiled as I related to Lottie’s and Tina’s annoyance and frustrations towards each other, as well as their love. However I have to say if my sister challenged me the way Tina challenges Lottie, I’d tell her to ‘do one!’ 😉

I’m now desperate for my sister to read Live a Little because I know she’ll love it too.

Live a Little is published this week, Thursday 5th September – so if you’re looking for a funny, heartwarming read that you won’t be able to put down, definitely read this. You’ll be captivated.

Thank you to Tracy Fenton from Compulsive Readers for inviting me to take part in the blog tour of this beautiful book. A massive thank you to Madeleine Reiss for being inspired to write Live a Little – this is a book that really moved me and also made me laugh a lot. And the ending is so emotional and tender – I loved that.

To follow the rest of the blog tour, have a look at my fellow book bloggers also writing reviews (please see below).

Happy reading everyone! 🙂

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