Overdrawn; a stark portrayal of the future

Overdrawn by N.J. Crosskey is one of the most powerful books I have ever read. In a way it reminds me of The Handmaid Tale – not the actual story but the unsettling sense of how close we are as society to the dystopian future Overdrawn brilliantly portrays. This is what reminds me of Margaret Atwood’s masterpiece.

When I was approached to read and review Overdrawn I jumped at the chance. Why? Because it explores the controversial issues of the right to life and assisted suicide. As I have a background in disability rights I personally have known and worked with disabled people who, along with their families have had to fight the medical profession to stay alive (people that have gone on to do great things in our society). This is an important element of the controversial issue that is not really communicated in our media. Overdrawn skillfully brings this issue to the fore.

The novel is set years into the future when the snowflake generation, now in old age are still thought of in derogatory terms:

It was a widely-known truth that those who had grown up before the Roll-Back were lazy, apathetic and inconsiderate. ‘The Snowflake Generation’ as the press had dubbed them. Now they had white hair to match.

In a world where aging older people are viewed as crippling the economy and diseases such as cancer and dementia are no longer tolerated, euthanasia is celebrated and considered a patriotic act. Henry, already viewed with disdain as he is a ‘snowflake’ is struggling to cope in the modern society where there appears to be no humanity. Henry is secretly caring for his loving wife who has dementia that is increasing taking hold of her.

N.J Crosskey, author of Overdrawn

He randomly meets Kaitlyn, a young waitress who is putting her whole future in jeopardy as she struggles to fund the life support machine that is the only thing keeping her brother alive.

As Henry and Kaitlyn develop and unlikely friendship, they are forced to see that their own long-held prejudices of each others generation are wrong. Together they also decide to enter into a shocking unconventional business arrangement. This is to ensure that their loved ones can stay alive and live without fear.

Yes Overdrawn is hard hitting, it is shocking – but it is a thought-provoking must read. It also powerfully touching and hopeful as it ultimately portrays the true strength of humanity, love and respect.

Thank you to Lucy Chamberlain from Legend Press for inviting me to take part in the blog tour to help publicise this great book. However my biggest thank you is to N.J. Crosskey for writing Overdrawn. This is a book set in the future yet it actually confronts an issue that is the reality of some people living today.

Hence for that reason and also because Overdrawn is a moving story that reels you in, I urge you to read it. Published on 1st September 2019, it is available now, so get your copy now and read!

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