So Lucky; refreshing, funny and brilliantly rude

I’m telling you, So Lucky by Dawn O’Porter is going to zoom to the very top of all the bestselling lists as soon as it’s published on 31st October. Hilarious, candid and emotional, this book really celebrates the power of women.

Warning! This book is rude, so rude but in a comedy, honest way. It had me howling, and I mean really howling with laughter! It’s fun, refreshing and powerful. It’s simply brilliant.

So Lucky tells the story of Ruby, Beth and Lauren. Ruby is scary and hard; a prickly bitch. Beth has it all; the loving husband, the baby and the successful career. And then there’s Lauren, the celebrity who is just about to marry her gorgeous, famous and very rich fiance.

Oh, and I have to mention Risky who is one of my favourite book character’s of all time. She’s hilarious, loyal and truly believes in female empowerment. She also has the perfect cure to beat the afternoon slump which is apparently better than a Mars Bar. 😉

But believe me, not all is what it seems.

In an authentic and very funny manner, So Lucky skilfully examines why many women in today’s society feel the pressure to portray the mirage of the successful, beautiful life. Ultimately as we try to hide the things we’re ashamed of from ourselves and others (whether that be excess body hair or a husband not wanting sex etc), we beat ourselves up more and more, further enhancing our self-hatred.

Furthermore this frank, comedy read brilliantly exposes the role social media plays to further perpetuate the filtered, fake perfect image.

Dawn O’Porter doesn’t shy away from difficult complex issues – she examines them in a beautifully frank way. Yes So Lucky made me laugh loads, but it also brought a big massive lump of emotion to my throat.

This book is definitely one of my top reads of the year! It is such an intelligent read full of important messages. It reminds us not to judge our fellow women. “When women come together, the world gets better. We don’t know our own power sometimes.”

So pre order your own copy of So Lucky now. You’ll love it!

Happy reading everyone! 😊

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