Impostor; a crime thriller to hook you in

Looking for a cracking new crime series to get engrossed in? Look no further – Impostor, the first book in the new Alexander Gregory thriller series is published on Thursday 31st October. And let me tell you – this is a book that once you start, you won’t be able to put down!

Written by LJ Ross, author of multi million bestselling DCI Ryan crime series, Impostor is brilliant. It has everything we’ve come to expect from LJ Ross; fast paced, gripping and sprinkled with a unique dark humour. Full of twists and turns that have you guessing right to the end, yet again Ross has pulled off a cracking whodunnit.

This is also a character driven read, full of a raw emotional depth that is simply heart wrenching.

Dr Alexander Gregory is a forensic psychologist, a workaholic and plagued by nightmares. He has experience in criminal profiling. Hence when a horrific murder happens in a small town in County Mayo, Ireland, the local mayor seeks out his unique expertise. Yet even Alexander is not prepared for the death and emotional destruction that awaits him in the close knit community.

Viewed as an outsider and confronted with hostility and scepticism by the local Garda, Gregory’s tenacity makes an impact. But at what cost?

Impostor is a slick, sophisticated crime novel that is so easy to read.

I invested in the characters and the community that Ross vividly portrays. I was left shocked at the end of the novel and couldn’t stop thinking about it for ages afterwards. And I also really missed the characters after I finished. I still do!

If you love a good whodunnit, pre order your copy of Impostor now (available from Amazon). It is a page turning thriller full of warmth and intrigue. And in classic LJ Ross fashion, she has planted plot seeds that remain unanswered for now, only to be revisited in future Alexander Gregory novels. LJ Ross really knows how to hook us in; she really understands the true art of storytelling.

It has been an absolute privilege to review Impostor in advance of its publication. Thank you LJ Ross for inviting me to do so.

Happy reading everyone! 🙂

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