My Pear-Shaped Life; a life-affirming read

Written with compassion and authenticity, My Pear-Shaped Life tackles deep societal issues including addiction, body image and fat shaming. Yet these issues are tackled in a warm, engaging and uplifting tone. This novel challenges shame head on; not just how other people’s comments, ‘harmless jibes’ or ‘helpful hints’ can make us feel ashamed, but also how we can internalise shame and further project shame on ourselves.

Please note however that this is not a dark novel; let me reiterate it is uplifting as we follow the story of Greta who is bubbly, happy and the first one to laugh at herself. Yet behind the big smile she is hiding her pain, using sleeping pills and food as coping mechanisms. Greta is adamant she has everything under control, so is shocked when her family intervene and she finds herself in rehab against her own free will.

This is only the start of Greta’s journey of self discovery as the second part of the novel takes her halfway across the world on a road trip with her beloved Uncle Ray from Kansas City to Las Vegas. Ray has also spent years hiding away and the road trip makes him confront his fears head on too.

Carmel Harrington, author of My Pear Shaped Life

One of the aspects of My Pear-Shaped Life that I love is the blatant and beautiful comparison of Greta’s journey to that of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz as she follows the yellow brick road. Just like Greta and her creator Carmel Harrigton, I have always loved The Wizard of Oz film since childhood. Hence I found it heart warming how Greta finds her own Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion as she makes her journey. Also as I’m a fan of Hollywood biographies, I thought I knew a lot about Judy Garland and how she was treated whilst filming The Wizard of Oz, but I was shocked when this novel reveals more.

My Pear-Shaped Life is a life affirming novel that reminds us all that despite our imperfections we are all ‘still quite beautiful’, and it is our blemishes that give us character; ‘that sometimes the best moments in life’ come ‘when things had gone a bit pearshaped…

It is full of important life messages for us all; messages about self acceptance, self care and self love. But also messages to be less judgemental of those around us and mindful of comments we make; what may be a harmful jibe to us could be causing someone a great deal of pain.

My Pear-Shaped Life was published on 16th April so it’s available for you all to buy online and read.

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Happy reading everyone! 🙂

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