One Year Of Ugly; a cracking comic read!

Want something exciting and funny to read during lockdown? Well One Year of Ugly is just that. In my view this book is the ultimate page turner, full of humour, intriguing characters and a sizzling story. And don’t get me started on the sexual tension… 😉

If you’re one of my keen followers you may recall that I’ve blogged about One Year of Ugly before as this fab read featured in my Cracking Books To Read in 2020 post. And wey hey, it’s published tomorrow – Thursday 14 May 2020. So now’s your chance to read this black comedy too!

I loved every page of this book. I revelled in the comic antics of the lovable Palacios family who are thrust into the midst of an organised crime ring.

Told from the point of view of 24 year old Yola, the Palacios are illegal migrants having fled from their home country of Venezuela. They are now living ‘under-the-radar’ in Trinidad, quietly settling into their new life. But when the family matriarch Aunt Celia dies the family receive a surprise visit from Ugly, the local crime lord.

Yola soon discovers that her beloved Aunt had her secrets, including owing Ugly a great sum of money. But now Celia is dead, Ugly fully expects the family to repay her debt.

Yes, this sounds like a dark thriller (which I’m sure would have been good). But this novel boldly stands out as it is written as a comedy – and believe me, it is a brilliant comedy. Its author Caroline Mackenzie purposely uses raw humour to vividly portray the dangers, hardships and prejudices many illegal immigrant are confronted with.

I swear One Year Of Ugly is sheer brilliance. It is funny, fast paced and thrilling. And again I have to mention the sexual tension that literally bounces of the page.

But I need to warn you – you will have one almighty book hangover when you finish it!

Happy reading everyone! 🙂

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