The Ends of the Earth; a tender portrayal of love, loss and mental health

Abbie Greaves, author of the 2020 bestseller The Silent Treatment is back with The Ends of the Earth – another tender, poignant tale exploring mental health, the impact of family and societal pressures and the power of denial. Yet again Abbie Greaves has written a novel full of compassion and emotional depth that truly reflects the challenges we can all feel and experience as we try to understand the pressures of contemporary society. The narrative is rich, beautiful and moving. It is also uplifting.

Essentially The Ends of the Earth is Mary’s story, a 40 year-old woman who has never come to terms with the loss of Jim, the love of her life. One day seven years previously Jim went missing without trace. Ever since that fateful day, Mary has put her life on hold waiting for his return. This includes waiting every evening at Ealing Broadway station with a sign simply saying ‘Come Home Jim’. Then Mary receives a phone call that changes everything. This one phone call sets in motion a series of events that forces Mary to confront her past, her fears and the loneliness of her vigil for Jim.

Indirectly the mysterious phone call also brings Alice into Mary’s life. Alice offers Mary friendship yet Alice fails to tell Mary that she is a journalist and views Mary’s unique story as the scoop that will save her journalistic career. Yet in seeking out the story, Alice is forced to face a past that has haunted her since childhood. Her past also now threatens to destroy her future.

Abbie Greaves

The Ends of the Earth is an understated powerful novel that explores mental health, especially mental health in men and how men are viewed in society. Within this poignant theme, the novel skilfully explores the impact and destruction of coping mechanisms. This includes, among others, the act of running away – whether that be physically running away or running away from a truth that will hurt us.

Yet again Abbie Greaves has written an insightful, intriguing novel made up of emotionally charged layers. It is also full of hope and friendship. Hence I really found it such a lovely and uplifting read that put a big smile on my face.

Thank you to Najma Finlay for the gifted copy of this great book, which is out now (released on 29th April 2021).

So go, go, go! Get out there into the book shops – now that we can go again 🙂 – and grab yourself a copy.

Happy reading everyone! 🙂

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