Starstruck; full of humour and charm

Imagine a pop sensation bigger than Madonna, bigger than Lady Gaga, bigger than Beyonce. This megastar is Epiphanie who is the biggest star in the world. Epiphanie also happens to be sitting in your kitchen asking you to do a life swap with her…

In Beth Miller’s latest novel Starstruck, this is what happens to Sally Marshall, an ordinary woman from Ringwood in Hampshire who makes a living as an Epiphanie tribute act. Epiphanie wants to do a ‘Wife Swap‘ scenario with Sally for two weeks; Epiphanie will live with Sally’s husband Paul in their small two bed semi while Sally will go and live Epiphanie’s glamourous life in America. Sally will impersonate her idol throughout the US leg of Epiphanie’s world tour and in return, Epiphanie will perform as a tribute of herself in pubs and clubs across England. The only condition is that it must remain a secret, and in return Sally and Paul will receive $100,000.

Sounds like a plan except chaos ensues when two very different worlds collide. For me as reader, this was sheer delight, providing me with hilarity and escapism.

I raced through this book, happily reading it within 24 hours. It is so easy to read, full of fun and warmth.

Written mainly from the point of view of Sally, I liked her as a character. Full of integrity, she is down to earth and so likeable. I especially like how she is ‘definitely slightly sloshed by the time‘ she gets on stage to do her soundcheck at Madison Square Garden, and although she is performing at ‘THE BIGGEST CHUFFING CONCERT‘ she has ever been to, all she can remember are the words to are ‘Nellie the Elephant.’

Beth Miller, author of Starstruck

I also loved the relationship between Sally and Paul and found the reasons for them agreeing to this mad scheme really moving.

The array of supporting characters are also brilliant in this novel. My two favourites are Indigo, ‘a young spindly fella with spiky blue hair‘ (who is Epiphanie’s assistant’s assistant and is so loveable and hilarious) and Abraham, Epiphanie’s bodyguard who develops an obsession for Lidl – something I found hilarious as I have family and friends who happen to adore Lidl.

The British love of tea is also a recurring theme which runs throughout the novel, further enhancing its warmth and humour.

If you want an engaging, light read full of warmth, I thoroughly recommend Starstruck to you. Published by Farrago, this fun read was released on 12th August – so it’s available for you now to read.

Thank you Anne Cater from Random Things Tours for inviting me to be involved in the blog tour of Starstruck. To follow the blog tour please see below.

Happy reading everyone! 🙂

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