Time After Time; fun and heart warming

As I’ve watched a few of Louise Pentland’s ‘Sprinkle of Glitter’ vlogs as my sister used to be a bit of a fan of the YouTube channel, I jumped at the opportunity to read her new book Time After Time when I was invited to take part in the blog tour. I was also attracted to this novel with its 1980s theme, the decade that I grew up in. I loved that its got the same title as one of my all time favourite 80s songs.

In the first few pages of the novel I got a surprise that I didn’t expect at all. I liked that. The rest of the novel I did find a tad predictable and I worked out the big twist at the end, but I didn’t mind that.

Time After Time is a fun, endearing and easy read. It is nourishing for the soul as it reminds us all not to compare ourselves to others, that to be truly happy, you need to follow your authentic passions and dreams, whatever they may be.

Time After Time is the story of 26 year-old Tabitha who is stuck in a rut. She works in the vintage shop she did her work experience in when she was 16; she has been with her boyfriend David for over a decade, and although she loves him, there seems to be something missing in her life. She just can’t work out what.

One day new stock including gemstone rings arrive in the shop where Tabitha works. One ring with a beautiful amethyst stone catches her eye. She can’t explain why but she is compelled to try it on. When it’s on her finger Tabitha feels a buzz of excitement. It takes Tabitha a while to work out (with a few comic scenes), but the ring has magic powers which allows Tabitha to travel back to the 1980s.

When Tabitha travels to the 80s she meets Bea who she befriends and feels a very special connection to. Attracted to Bea’s sense of adventure, Tabitha finally takes a leap out of her comfort zone. But her time travelling reveals much more than she could ever imagine.

Time After Time is full of fun and tenderness. It is a heart warming summer read that is available now as it was released on Thursday 21 July.

Thank you to Tracy Fenton from Compulsive Readers for inviting me to the blog tour of this touching read.

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