The Blame: a stunning police thriller

OMG! The Blame is brilliant! It is a psychological suspense police thriller that powerfully explores the horrendous societal issues of misogyny, exploitation and police corruption. Straight from the get go I was hooked, and that was even before I realised the extent of the emotional rollercoaster I was about to embark on.

All the way through reading The Blame, I kept thinking that fans of Line of Duty are absolutely going love this book.

Tense and emotionally charged throughout, The Blame is the story of Detective Erin Crane who has a deep secret that if revealed will not only ruin her career, but could also result in her going to prison. Officially Erin could be deemed as a ‘bent copper’, but as a reader and privy to Erin’s tumultuous background, although frustrated by her actions, I really empathised with her.

When Sophie Madson, a sixteen year-old girl is murdered, Erin is given the case along with her highly respected partner Tom Radley. Over the last three years of their professional partnership, Erin and Tom have built up a close relationship. Yet it is during this investigation that their relationship intensifies, and they embark on a love affair.

Then Erin discovers evidence that makes Tom the prime suspect in the murder investigation…

With Tom being investigated by the force’s anti-corruption team, Erin is shattered and attempts to make sense of recent events. She also discovers that her own corrupt act is at risk of being uncovered. Hence Erin is determined to discover what really happened to Sophie. Yet she is not prepared for the historical and misogynistic police corruption she reveals.

I realised as I was reading The Blame that I was really emotionally investing in Erin and Tom. I could not stop thinking about this powerful story, especially as it brilliantly tackles deep rooted societal issues head on. Also the plot is full of shocking and emotionally charged twists that I just didn’t see coming.

Charlotte Langley

The Blame is Charlotte Langley’s debut novel. I can’t wait to discover what’s going to come from Charlotte Langley in the future as her writing is so exciting, powerful and tense.

Thank you Anne Cater from Random Things Tours for inviting me to take part in this stunning novel. Thank you also to No Exit Press for sending me an advance copy of the novel, which I couldn’t put down.

The Blame was published on 14 September 2023. Believe me, this is a book everyone will be talking about. So if you want to avoid the FOMO, grab your copy now!

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