The F**k It! List; inspiring, moving and empowering

This is a novel that has had a real personal impact on me. The F**k It! List is so refreshing, relatable to many women and uplifting. It is funny too, yet it is much more empowering and moving than funny. And rightly so as Melanie Cantor is writing about a sensitive subject that a lot of society choose to ignore.

A massive thank you to Melanie Cantor for writing this brilliant novel – I love it! I also love the title of the novel – it is oh so very apt!

The F**k It! is the story of Daisy, who has always wanted to be a mother. Yet motherhood has been put on hold as Jack, her long-term boyfriend builds his business. However with Jack on the brink of success beyond both their dreams and Daisy turning 40, now is the time for Daisy to try and get pregnant.

But at her 40th birthday party Daisy catches Jack literally with his pants down, having sex with another woman. Don’t worry – this is not a spoiler. Daisy is devastated with all her dreams, planned future and what she believes in completely up in smoke.

Melanie Cantor

In shock and heartbroken, Daisy returns to her childhood home as she struggles to come to terms with recent events. My heart really went out to Daisy at this point as her pain and vulnerability are so raw. Yet Daisy is one determined woman and even though she is heartbroken and frightened, she follows her own gut feeling to make a very empowering, life-changing decision.

And so as a reader really striving for Daisy, I embarked on an emotional rollercoaster with her. This involved relating to her as she discovers what its like to be a single woman living in a society that is built around coupledom and families; and also being upset and shocked on her behalf by some of the attitudes she is forced to confront. I also celebrated her as she grew in her independence, found her true authenticity and ultimately found happiness. I didn’t want to get off this emotional rollercoaster either as I absolutely love this book and didn’t want it to end.

The F**k It! List is also a beautiful and very real novel about friendship and family. I really urge everyone to read it!

The F**k It! List was released on 9 May 2024.

Thank you to Anne Cater from Random Things Tours for inviting me to the blog tour of this fantastic, empowering novel. Thank you also to Penguin for sending me an advance, gifted copy of this book, which I’ll definitely be re-reading.

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  1. May 13, 2024 / 1:12 pm

    Thanks for the blog tour support x

  2. May 17, 2024 / 8:49 am

    Love the title and it sounds like a great read 😀

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