The Shadow Network; a stunning political thriller

Wow! The Shadow Network by Tony Kent is an outstanding action-packed political thriller. If you’re a fan of this genre, then I strongly recommend you read this book! It completely consumed me and now that I’ve finished reading it, I’m totally gutted. It’s one of these books that I really resented normal life getting in the way as I read it. I just wanted to hide away and read.

I really enjoyed No Way To Die, Tony Kent’s previous novel but in my view the author stepped it up one hell of a notch with The Shadow Network. I also really believe it should be made for the screen as I think, if done correctly, a screen adaptation will just be as ace as this brilliant book.

Both The Shadow Network and No Way To Die are part of the Dempsey & Devlin series. Since reading No Way To Die I have meant to go and read the previous books in the series, but have never quite got around to it. This is something I am definitely going to rectify very soon!

Involving war criminals, assassins, the dark web and the CIA, the action packed plot for The Shadow Network begins in The Hague with what looks to the world as a horrendous terror attack. Yet the murderous atrocity has been staged to look like a terror attack, killing and injuring many innocent people. Caught up in the attack is Kon Frankowski, an American web developer. He soon realises that he is the main target in the attack.

Tony Kent

When barrister Michael Devlin discovers one of his very close friends is also caught up in the attack, he knows he has to travel to The Hague immediately. Michael’s other close friend, UN agent Joe Dempsey goes along to support him. However it is not long before Joe realises that someone he lost and loved from his past is also connected to the attack. He has to use all his skill, strength and emotions to ensure the safety of that person and their loved ones.

It is soon revealed that it the Monk that is behind the killings. Yet the Monk has always been viewed as a legend, a myth, and not a real agent. That is until now, and he will undertake any act and coldly kill innocent people to to achieve his ultimate goal. Michael and Joe have to use their friendship, their intelligence and unique skills to try and prevent this from happening.

As well as the fast paced action and all the twists involved in this brilliantly thought out novel, another aspect of The Shadow Network that I thoroughly enjoyed is how topical and contemporary it is. Skilfully involved in the plot are very recent and current world events.

I also think Tony Kent is very skilled in revealing the big twist at the end. As a reader I felt he expertly guided me to work the twist out just slightly before he revealed it on the page. I think that was very clever, and I thoroughly enjoyed the twist.

The Shadow Network is one of the best political thrillers I have read. It was only released in paperback on 6 June 2024, so is available now to read. I really urge you to do so.

Thank you to Anne Cater from Random Things Tours for inviting me onto the blog tour of The Shadow Network in return for my honest review. Thank you also to Elliot & Thompson for my advance gifted copy of this fantastic novel. To read the reviews from my fellow book bloggers also on the tour, please see below.

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