My Rating System

For each book I review I plan to rate them with a star system. This system is as follows:


For me to rate a book with five stars means that I loved it; I mean really loved it! It has taken over my life and I’m absolutely gutted to finish it. Please note though that I will rate books sparingly with five stars.


I really enjoy all books that I rate four stars; it has all the elements of a really good story for me and I will definitely read more books from the same author. If the book is part of a series, I will certainly continue to read the series.


All books that I rate with three stars I consider to be a fairly good read but nothing special. The book may have had some flaws that have annoyed me.


Books with a two star rating are nothing special for me but I have finished. Chances are that I won’t bother reading anything else from the same author.


Completely hated any book that I rate with one star, probably not even finishing it as I have viewed a waste of time.